What to take to swimming lessons?

As a mum of three children currently enrolled in swimming lessons, I definitely recommend having a well packed swimming bag to make the Learn To Swim experience even more fun and hassle free! So, what will you need to pack? We will provide you with a membership card when you enrol, to make scanning in for lessons quick and easy, so make sure this card is packed in your swim bag for each visit.
All learn to swim children will need a swimming costume and towel, plus a swim robe or dry clothes to change into, and a plastic bag for wet clothes always comes in handy. Warm clothes in winter are a must – my children love to travel home in their pyjamas and dressing gown after a nice hot shower at their swim centre! I also recommend taking shampoo, conditioner, comb and a small head towel for children with long hair.
For water babies, you will also need a swim nappy, and a dry nappy for after the lesson. Mum or Dad will also need to bring swimming costume, towel and change of clothes, as most learn to swim lessons for babies require a parent or carer to be in the water with their child.
For older children swimming independently of their parents, you may also have to pack goggles and flippers, depending upon their level. Optional items include swim cap, earplugs and/ or a swim headband, depending on your child’s needs and preferences when swimming.