Kids Alive, Do The 5! NEW DVD available.

We live in a lucky country, where summer is long and provides many opportunity’s to have fun in and around the water. However, despite the water safety campaigns and initiatives in existence, drowning remains the single greatest cause of accidental death of children under 5 in Australia, with one child drowning each week on average.
We believe that we can and must work together as a community to implement strategies to see the drowning statistics reduced to zero, and that nothing above this should be tolerated in our society.
Former Australian swimming coach Laurie Lawrence shares this vision, and is now a well respected water safety ambassador since launching his ‘Kids Alive – Do the Five’ community service program in 1988. The program aims to educate the public on five important steps to reduce the risk of childhood drowning – but can you name the five, and are you practicing them? They are:
1. Fence the pool
2. Shut the gate
3. Teach your kids to swim – it’s great
4. Supervise – watch your mate and
5. Learn how to resuscitate
In 2009 Kids Alive launched the ‘Living with Water’ DVD for new parents. Six years on, this initiative has been updated to a 2 pack DVD which includes important water safety information for parents and water safety education songs and animations specifically designed for kids. If you would like a copy of the DVD, please see a Learn To Swim supervisor when next at the pool!