Aqua Pre & Post Natal

  • Specialised class for pre and post natal exercise
  • Class includes a combination of cardio, toning and well being exercises set to music
  • Partners, mothers, friends and other support people are welcome
  • Enjoy the feeling of being weightless in the water
  • Participants report less general discomfort, better sleep and improved mobility
  • Added benefit of the company of other pregnant women to talk all things pregnancy and babies!
  • 60 minutes class duration
  • Maximum 35 participants
  • Participants report huge benefits both Pre & Postnatal – see below Price List & Map for more details

This is a specialised class for pre and postnatal exercise, and lots of chat about all things babies! Partners, mothers, aunties, friends and other support people welcome to also attend.


Please check the TIMETABLE BELOW for a time and class that suits you, then come along and join the fun!
All classes are 1 hr in duration.

DayStart TimeClass Type & Instructor
Monday amNA
Monday pm12.30


Aqua Fit / Brooke

Aqua Gentle/

Aqua Fit / Kylie
Tuesday am 9.30Aqua Deep / Brooke
Tuesday pm6.45
Aqua Fit / Rhiannon
Aqua Fit / Rhiannon
Wednesday am NA
Wednesday pm12.30


Aqua Fit / Karen

Aqua Pre & Post Natal / Tania

Aqua Fit / Tania
Thursday amNA
Thursday pm6.45 Aqua Fit / Kimberley
Friday amNA
Friday pm12.30

Aqua Fit / Julie

Aqua Gentle / Julie
Saturday am9.30 Aqua Deep / Brooke
Saturday pmNA
Sunday amNA
Sunday pmNA

PHONE 4730 8900
16-19 Lambridge Pl, Penrith

Benefits of Aquanatal During Pregnancy

  • Studies have proven that women who do Aquarobics throughout their pregnancy need less pain relieving medication during childbirth.
  • You will feel light, even weightless in the water. This will ease the weight of the baby on your body, and ease back aches and pains.
  • Less strain on your bones and joints compared to land based exercise.
  • Helps prevent spider veins.
  • Aquarobics helps you relax and remain calm during pregnancy, relieves anxiety, and promotes a good nights sleep.
  • Women who did Aquarobics in pregnancy were found to have easier deliveries and quicker post birth recovery.

Postnatal Benefits of Aquanatal

  • Helps you to regain your pre-baby figure and lose weight.
  • Relieves aches and pains, and improves circulation.
  • Improves physical strength and stamina, and provides energy to help you care for your new baby.
  • Exercise is important to lift mood and help combat general tiredness and postnatal depression.
  • Provides much needed time out for Mums

For more detailed information on the benefits of Aquanatal Exercise click here

“Whether a first time or more experienced Mum, everyone can benefit from Aquarobic exercise during pregnancy. It’s a special time just for Mums and their friends to exercise, meet other Mums to be, and chat all things pregnancy related. We often see long term friendships being forged, and a great sense of camaraderie and understanding between participants. It’s a great way to bond with baby and have time out from our busy lives, while also looking after your health and fitness – plus it’s fun!”. Julie, Aquarobics instructor.

Please note: You must seek clearance from your doctor before attempting any form of exercise during your pregnancy and before returning to exercise after the birth of your child.

Click on the link for article on further benefits of aquatic exercise for pregnant women.
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