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Nepean Aquatic Centre
COVID Safe Terms and Conditions of entry

• We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who is displaying cold or flu like symptoms.
• We reserve the right to ask any customer to exit the water if they are displaying cold or flu like symptoms.
• Please use hand sanitizer provided in the entry foyer
• Customers must comply with social distancing measures we have put into place for seating. Members of the same family can sit together.
• Customers must respect the rights of other customers with regards to social distancing both on pool deck and whilst using the pool.
• Our staff reserve the right to ask customers to practise social distancing.
• Our staff reserve the right to direct swimmers to move lanes in order to manage social distancing.
• Showers and amenities are open. Signs are posted at the entry to the amenities displaying the limit of patrons allowed in the amenities based on the Health Departments 1 person per 4 square metres rule.
• Customers are encouraged to shower at home wherever possible.
• To assist with social distancing, Entry for Learn to swim customers is limited to one parent per student. We request that swimmers in our swim 4 fitness classes and swimming squads attend their sessions without a parent present in the centre.
• All customers are encouraged to download the Federal Government’s COVIDSafe App.
• Based on the Health Department’s 1 person per 4 square metre rule, we have calculated the maximum capacity in each area to be as follows:

o Entry foyer (51sqm – 12 people)
o Reception area (staff) (48sqm – 12 people)
o Learn to Swim Pool Hall (360sqm – 90 people)
o Learn to swim pool (in water) (156sqm – 39 people)
o Lap pool hall (838sqm – 209 people)
o Lap pool (in water) (450sqm – 112 people)
o Parents room (36.5sqm – 9 people)
o Upstairs training room (246sqm – 61 people)
o Male Amenities (46sqm – 11 people)
o Female Amenities (46sqm – 11 people)